Emergency Medical Services Supervisor
Town of Anmoore- Anmoore WV 26323
Pay will be based on experience

Job Summary The Town of Anmoore, WV is seeking qualified applicants for the position of EMS Supervisor to perform administrative and supervisory work in the management of emergency and non-emergency transport activities for the Anmoore Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department. This position is responsible for various aspects of the EMS program including administration, personnel, training, public contact and related responsibilities.

Qualifications and Skills

Qualifications: Ideal candidate will possess a combination of related education and work experience in the EMS field, advanced professional training, and experience in emergency medical services with progressively responsible management / supervisory experience in an emergency medical services agency, OR an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience sufficient to fulfill the requirements of this position.

Selection Procedures: Applicants whose education and experience most closely match the qualifications and desired attributes for the EMS Supervisor position will be scheduled for interviews.  An extensive background investigation for the position will be conducted, to include a drug screen, reference checks with previous employers, criminal history review, and confirmation of education.

Resumes can be submitted in person at the Municipal building located at 110 Poplar Street, Anmoore, WV, by email to , or by mail to EMS Supervisor Position, PO Box 178, Anmoore, WV 26323.

*Applicants are encouraged to submit requested information by December 21, 2017; however, applications will be accepted until the position is filled. The Town of Anmoore is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




JULY 2015

Work Session Agenda 7.2.15

Work Session Minutes 7.2.15

Regular Meeting Agenda 7.6.15

Regular Meeting Minutes 7.6.15

Work Session Agenda 7.9.15

Work Session Minutes 7.9.15

Emergency Session Agenda 7.10.15

Emergency Session Minutes 7.10.15 

Regular Meeting Agenda 7.20.15

Regular Meeting Minutes 7.20.15

Work Session Agenda 7.23.15

Work Session Minutes 7.23.15

Special Meeting Agenda 7.27.15

Special Meeting Minutes 7.27.15



Regular Meeting Agenda 8.3.15

Regular Meeting Minutes 8.3.15

Work Session Agenda 8.6.15

Work Session Minutes 8.6.15

Regular Meeting Agenda 8.17.15

Regular Meeting Minutes 8.17.15

Work Session Agenda 8.20.15

Work Session Minutes 8.20.15



Special Meeting Agenda 9.3.15

Special Meeting Minutes 9.3.15

Regular Meeting Agenda 9.8.15

Regular Meeting Minutes 9.8.15

Work Session Agenda 9.10.15

Work Session Minutes 9.10.15

Regular Meeting Agenda 9.21.15

 Regular Meeting Minutes 9.21.15

Work Session Agenda 9.24.15

 Work Session Minutes 9.24.15



Regular Meeting Agenda 10.5.15

 Regular Meeting Minutes 10.5.15      

Work Session Agenda 10.8.15

Work Session Minutes 10.8.15       

Special Session Agenda 10.8.15

Special Session Minutes 10.8.15   

Regular Meeting Agenda 10.19.15

 Regular Meeting Minutes 10.19.15

Work Session Agenda 10.22.15

 Work Session Minutes 10.22.15

Special Session Agenda 10.27.15

Special Session Minutes 10.27.15

Emergency Session Agenda10.27.15



Regular Meeting Agenda 11.2.15

Regular Meeting Minutes 11.2.15

Regular Meeting Agenda 11.16.15

Regular Meeting Minutes 11-16-15

Work Session Agenda 11.19.15

Work Session Minutes 11.19.15

Emergency Session Agenda 11.24.15

Emergency Session Minutes 11.24.15



Regular Session Agenda 12.7.15

Regular Session Minutes 12.7.15

Regular Session Agenda 12.21.15

Regular Session Minutes 12.21.15


Regular Session Agenda 01.04.16

Regular Session Minutes 01.04.16

Work Session Agenda 01.07.16

Work Session Minutes 01.07.16

Work Session Agenda 01.08.16

Work Session Minutes 01.08.16

Work Session Agenda 01.15.16

Work Session Minutes 01.15.16

Regular Seeion Agenda 01.19.16

Regular Session Minutes 01.19.16        


Regular Session Agenda 02.01.16

Regular Session Minutes 02.01.16

Work Session Agenda 02.04.16

Work Session Minutes 02.04.16

Emergency Session Agenda 02.12.16

Emergency Session Minutes 02.12.16

Regular Session Agenda 02.16.16

Regular Session Minutes 02.16.16


MARCH 2016

Work Session Agenda 03.03.16

Work Session Minutes 03.03.16

Regular Session Agenda 03.07.16

Regular Session Minutes 03.07.16   

Work Session Agenda 03.16.16

Work Session Minutes 03.16.16   

Regular Session Agenda 03.21.16

Regular Session Minutes 03.21.16

Emergency Session Agenda 03.28.16

Emergency Session Minutes 03.28.16


APRIL 2016

Regular Session Agenda 04.04.16

Regular Session Minutes 04.04.16

Special Session Agenda 04.08.16

Special Session Minutes 04.08.16

Regular Session Agenda 04.19.16

Regular Session Minutes 04.19.16


MAY 2016

Regular Session Agenda 05.02.16

Regular Session Minutes 05.02.16

Work Session Agenda 05.05.16

Work Session Minutes 05.05.16

Regular Session Agenda 05.16.16

 Regular Session Minutes 05.16.16


JUNE 2016

Regular Session Agenda 06.06.16

Regular Session Minutes 06.06.16

Work Session Agenda 06.16.16

Work Session Minutes 06.16.16

Regular Session Agenda 06.21.16

Regular Session Minutes 06.21.16


JULY 2016

Regular Session Agenda 07.05.16

Regular Session Minutes 07.05.16

Regular Session Agenda 07.18.16

Regular Session Minutes 07.18.16



Regular Session Agenda 08.01.16

Regular Session Minutes 08.01.16

Work Session Agenda 08.11.16

Work Session Minutes 08.11.16

Regular Session Agenda 08.15.16

Regular Session Minutes 08.15.16



Regular Session Agenda 09.06.16

Regular Session Minutes 09.06.16

Regular Session Agenda 09.19.16

Regular Session Minutes 09.19.16



Regular Session Agenda 10.03.16

Regular Session Minutes 10.03.16

Regular Session Agenda 10.17.16

Regular Session Minutes 10.17.16



Regular Session Agenda 11.07.16

Regular Session Minutes 11.07.16

Work Session Agenda 11.20.16

Work Session Minutes 11.20.16

Regular Session Agenda 11.21.16

Regular Session Minutes 11.21.16

December 2016

Regular Meeting Agenda 12.5.16

Regular Meeting Minutes 12.5.16

Regular Session Cancelled 12.19.16

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